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Media Systems and Services

Our clients turn global media into valuable information and share their insights with the world. Xeatre optimises the way you work with audio, video and broadcast content globally so that you can use your resources efficiently.

Pioneering video for over 15 years

Xeatre originates in the change of digital video editing capabilities operating via the internet.

The company evolved from a supplier of digital network video recorders to a global technology leader and service partner in audio-visual content processing.

 With intelligent solutions, ongoing innovation and premium service, Xeatre has and will shape the future of audio and video content analysis.


Digital video recorders

Xeatre is one of the first to bring digital video recorders to market. Based on open source software and proprietary hardware, the company's products are popular with both home and professional users.


Networked video systems

Building on the success of its video recorders, Xeatre continues to develop its technology. Solutions are created that enable global broadcast recording for the first time. Renowned customers from the media, press and public institutions rely on Xeatre.


Reception on all continents

The need for global media recording is growing as the media industry expands and segments. Xeatre is building and operating centres on every continent to enable its global clients to record in all major markets.


Online video analysis

Xeatre is developing an analysis application for the browser to make it easier to work with audiovisual content. Together with market leader Scout7, Xeatre is digitising the market for video-based player and performance analysis in professional sports.


Professional streaming

The Internet is becoming increasingly important as a medium for delivering video content. Xeatre recognises the need for ultra-fast and secure video delivery in the professional environment and differentiates itself from existing providers with extended functionality and premium services.


Media System as a Service

Xeatre offers a complete portfolio of digital media solutions and expertise as a service. You get everything from receiving any source to distributing valuable information and content from a single source. 

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