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The intelligent Mediasystem

Capture, analyse and manage global video content
Gain valuable insights
Deliver compelling information

Supporting your entire media process

From the first image to the last bit of information


Collect media from around the world on a single platform. No matter if your source is from live broadcasts, TV, cameras, web streams, or the web.


Efficiently edit videos online and extract data, content and information from live streams or recordings.


Store your relevant content in our long-term archive and find important information and content at any time.


Deliver content and insights to your teams, customers and users anywhere and in near real-time.


Modular, performant and scaleable

Choose a modular as-services media system that you can customize to meet your requirements anytime. Whether you want to integrate recordings into your production processes or an individual approach is required. With Xeatre, you stay flexible.

Media Acquisition

Ingest any analogue or digital sources and streams into your media system. Our global satellite reception and broadcast network offers you access to several thousand channels and providers worldwide.


Highlight and extract key content live and from recordings using our online video editor. Combine media and information in real time to uncover valuable insights.


All media may be recorded for further processing or archiving. Automatically record content, perform focus analysis, and uncover past content within your 24x7 long-term archive.


Organize your content and information within an infinite long-term archive. Your information is stored safely and permanently, ready to be browsed and accessed at any time. 


Speed up your processes. With Video Intelligence and AI you can automatically detect and analyze objects, text, logos, faces, word content, advertising, events, and more, from any audio or visual content.


Bring your insights and content to market. Distribute videos and information quickly and reliably via our professional network. Use our CDN solutions to deliver the highest quality content anywhere in the world.

All-in-One Services

Xeatre as a Service

Your entire media process in one service. We deliver state-of-the-art technology, customized solutions and professional services under one roof.

Professional partner

Benefit from years of experience handling digital media and use our know-how to add value to your business.

Comprehensive range of services

Count on a solution that lets you accomplish all your tasks from media procurement to delivery and can easily be integrated into your processes and value chains.

Customized solutions

To meet individual and special requirements, we develop modules customized to your needs.

Work efficiently from anywhere

Our customers are faced with ever-growing volumes of data and media information.

That's why we designed Xeatre to allow users to collaborate efficiently across the globe without the need for extensive training.

Using AI-powered analytics, Xeatre also takes time-consuming work off your hands, enabling you to focus fully on creating value.

Comprehensive AI analysis with chatGPT

Videoanalyse mit ChatGPT

Thanks to the integration of chatGPT, an advanced deep learning model for natural language processing, into our Xeatre media system, your videos can now be automatically analyzed, categorized, and edited. This saves you time and resources and provides you with a precise and comprehensive analysis of your content.

With chatGPT, you have access to powerful tools such as automated categorization, speech-to-text, object and face recognition, as well as emotion and mood analysis. These features allow you to optimize and improve your content by quickly and easily finding and analyzing important information in your videos.

Overall, Xeatre in combination with chatGPT provides you with a comprehensive platform for AI-powered video analysis.

Live and in near real-time

The fast live analysis gives the decisive advantage in many cases. Our media system supports all common, modern transmission protocols. All integrated sources can be transmitted in ultra-low latency (ULL) for near real-time processing and immediately be processed inside any web browser. The live delay is about one second. This makes Xeatre a high-speed, high-performance analysis tool.

Low Latency Video Streaming

As an infrastructure and coordination institution for the educational system of the Austrian state of Vorarlberg, the Vorarlberg State Library is responsible for the public information, documentation and communication centre. A significant part of the documentation consists of radio and television contributions on topics relevant to regional affairs. With the Xeatre Media Platform, the Vorarlberg State Library has a stable and innovative tool for recording and editing audiovisual broadcasts. The Vorarlberg State Library has been a client of the Open Source Factory since 2008 and particularly appreciates the competent and always helpful contacts.

Vorarlberg State Library
Department Vorarlbergensien

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