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The modular media system for all your media needs

The Xeatre media system adapts to your requirements. Due to the modular design, the scope of functions can be adapted and expanded to your needs at any time. Should specific solutions be required, we will create the appropriate module, tailored to your needs.

Xeatre base


xeatre.base is the entry point for using the xeatre media system. This module combines all your applications and media in one central web application. Cloud-based, it is location-independent and can be operated by teams worldwide.

Location and format independent signal feeding of any audio, video sources, set-top boxes, receivers or stream into your media system. For instance, SAT, Cable, SDI, HDMI, Analog, RTMP, SRT, M3U8 streams, and many more.

Real-time conversion into a uniform, streamable h.265/h.265 format with up to 4K resolution and adjustable bitrate so that all sources can be accessed, edited or streamed consistently on the web in near-real time (1-second delay).

All incoming signals can be recorded live and immediately made available as a recording (DVR). This allows a rewind from the live moment of up to 30 hours into the past. A loop recording module is available for endless 24x7 capturing.

Using our media playout capabilities, any signal or stream can be forwarded to other destinations (e.g. a CDN, third-party tools, etc.) without delay.

Schedule recordings using manual timers, weekday timers, auto timers or 24x7 loop recording. Video assets and metadata can be further processed, exported or stored in your long-term archive anytime.

Categorize footage into playlists by tagging or highlighting, editing metadata and attaching notes to discover what you need when you need it quickly. 



With xeatre.ingest, you can feed any analogue or digital signal into Xeatre via broadcast or as a stream. Our hardware encoders ensure that these signals are streamed in a consistent, streamable format, are recorded and are ready to be processed and shared.

Any audiovisual signal can be fed into the xeatre media system for real-time processing, regardless of location. This includes DVB-S/S2/C/T, SDI, HDMI interfaces and many more, as well as all types of live and web streams and camera systems. 

The ingest module can also be used to digitise analogue sources. Our hardware encoders, which can also be set up on site, are no larger than a paperback book.

Existing hardware such as set-top boxes, receivers or similar can be connected directly to our hardware encoders. Automatic infrared switching to a specific channel at the start of the timer is possible, as well as full remote maintenance.

You can feed streams from cameras or the Internet directly into your system without using our hardware. A suitable transcoder can also be connected upstream if this is required.



xeatre.importer makes it easy to import your existing media files. Whether your files are stored on a computer, FTP, MAM system, cloud, and more. Add content from other platforms like social media, YouTube, Twitter, media libraries and more via URLs.

Use all common media exchange protocols including HTTP upload, FTP, webdav, bucket connection and more. Import content from various social media platforms including YouTube, Twitter, media library and others.

Apply all the power of Xeatre to your own content. You can use our AI analysis wizards to automatically transcribe existing media (speech to text) or use one of our hot folder workflows for import.

Import any media into the Xeatre system automatically using our Import API. Xeatre connects you to a wide range of platforms such as YouTube, media libraries, Twitter and many more from which content can be imported into our system.

You can use the import function to process and permanently archive existing media libraries and files. To find what you need, categorise your assets with tags or keywords.



With xeatre.record, every input signal is permanently recorded. Metadata remains fully available throughout. Incoming signals can be scheduled for recording and metadata pre-described. Each resulting video is fully editable through a web browser.

All signals are recorded in a streamable MP4 (h.264/h.265) video format. Live editing of the video, such as setting cue points or making video edits, can be done while recording is in progress.

A timer can be set to record any signal on a scheduled basis. Recurring programmes, such as TV/radio shows, can be automatically recorded using repeating timers. This saves time when planning programmes.

The recording format can vary depending on the signal source. Standardised VoD files based on your specifications can be produced at any time.

In combination with our xeatre.hotfolder module, recordings can be passed directly to another process. For example, recordings can be transferred directly into your existing MAM system or automatically be pre-analysed using computer vision.



xeatre.looprecordings offers 24x7 long-term recording of your sources over several months or years. This allows you to access requested or important content at a later date, and to analyse past content without having to know in advance that it will be relevant.

xeatre.looprecordings offers 24x7 long term recording and playback of all ingest sources. Long-term recordings are stored in one-hour chunks that seamlessly connect to each other.

Highlight key scenes and export them to your archive as individual clips with timestamps and metadata.

Extract or combine multiple segments of a long-term recording to create a new, fully editable video asset.

Research content from the past. You can instantly access content from several months or years ago using the web interface.



Use the xeatre.autotimer module to automate the scheduling of recordings using metadata. This can be EPG data, for example, or any other kind of information. In this way, you will never miss a programme again.

Autotimers allow automatic recording based on keywords in the metadata, such as "news" or "places". Recording can also be triggered by the mention of places or people.

Automatic timers send notifications of new recordings through various communication channels. For example, notify users or departments by email or instant messaging when new footage is posted.

Timers can be limited to channels or broadcast times. For example, recordings for "News" can be limited to programmes that air between 20:00 and 22:00.

With a single timer, entire genres can be recorded. The keyword "stock exchange" in combination with selected channels can include all relevant trading information, for example.



To minimise video delays, xeatre.realtime supports ultra-low latency transmission protocols. The latency is approximately 1 second.

Stream live content synchronously with minimal latency to users around the world. Videos can be viewed on all major devices without any additional software or plugin. Broadcast in the highest possible quality to any number of viewers.

Ensure that all your users and subscribers have the same information at the same time. Provide a level playing field, e.g. for sports betting and auctions, and improve the user experience by providing simultaneous information.

Monitor a situation, an object or a person without delay, for immediate intervention and interaction. Receive video streams from any system - such as drones, body cameras and surveillance systems - around the world.

Remotely control machines and processes with video in real-time. Integrated metadata also gives you essential feedback in the form of information and time stamps.



For live streams, xeatre.timeshift allows you to go back in time (DVR) during live playback to catch up on a missed programme. With xeatre.timeshift, you can even cut or edit content directly. Up to 30 hours back in time. 

Any live feed can be automatically timeshifted for up to 30 hours. This allows you to jump back to the beginning of an event at any time.

For time shifting over 30 hours, use the xeatre.looprecoding module. With this module it is possible to realise endless 24x7 recordings.

Time shifting offers all functions that are available to a video-on-demand asset, including cue points, editing, exporting and more.

Highlight events in live streams as they happen with xeatre.realtime and analyse the corresponding scenes directly, gap-free and in detail. In timeshift recording, you can view frame-by-frame, fast-forward, rewind, pause and more.



With our xeatre.analyse module, you can automatically analyse your content according to specific criteria in real time or retrospectively from recordings. Our AI-based content analysis incorporates the latest computer vision features for content recognition and delivers all the relevant context for you.

Capture, process and analyse event streams in real time and make business decisions based on high-quality, timely information.

Identifying content based on violent scenes and offensive material. Useful for monitoring media distributors and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

Recognition of people, logos, objects, text and spoken words. Search for broadcast content that uses your company logo or name.

With Speech2Text, spoken words are automatically transcribed into text that can be researched at any time. This means that video or audio content can be browsed for specific keywords.



Use our cloud video editor to edit all your video assets and livestreams. This allows you to edit and prepare audiovisual media for further use from anywhere.

Use in/out markers to cut clips from livestreams or recorded video assets.

Compatibility with Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast. Direct streams to TV or tablet for viewing,

Highlight and edit scenes using Cuepoints

Timeshift (DVR) function to rewind live broadcasts.



With xeatre.metadata you can enrich live streams and recordings by embedding metadata, additional information and any files and make them available to your users and customers. Catalogue, search and find content in your media archive using all stored information.

Metadata is embedded in video streams and recordings and can be transported and delivered with them. The information is immediately available in the browser or environment and can be easily shared with users and processes.

With the help of specially adapted and robust APIs, you can work with your video metadata information and integrate it into your applications and processes without a great deal of effort and development.

Metadata, detailed information and any files can be captured with xeatre.analyse online, regardless of location and with frame accuracy. Third-party data is automatically retrieved and stored at the appropriate points in the video.

All captured metadata and information is available in a powerful database. Comprehensive research and quick retrieval of content allow you and your customers to work efficiently in large archives.



xeatre.cuepoint helps you mark or extract key scenes in live broadcasts or VoD assets. Create your cue points or let our AI analysis assistant automatically detect, mark and filter important content. So you can focus on what's important.

Mark key scenes in live streams or generated VoD assets. Use in/out markers to highlight and tag entire sections or short scenes. These can be shared with the team or used in workflows for further processing.

Assets with existing cuepoints are permanently stored in the long-term archive, so the original asset is always available for further processing. You can also manually move cuepoints to the archive and delete the original asset.

Manually add cue points to a playlist or automatically group them into a collection using tags or colour labels. This way, similar cue points are available in a large collection, making further analysis much easier.

Cuepoints always contain the original time stamp at the time of transmission. This means that you can always prove the exact date and time, for example, for legal proceedings. Broadcast information such as channel, origin and metadata also remains permanently available.



Combine all relevant content such as recordings, individual cue points or edits into a playlist. Playlists can be tagged with metadata and are fully searchable.

Organise your content into playlists to manage all relevant content in one place.

Expanding playlists are automatically populated with new content based on your criteria. In this way, the system categorises important content for you ahead of time.

Create a compilation of all the contents of a playlist in one file that can be downloaded and shared.

Playlists can also be used as a collection point to selectively collect and further process current topical issues and content.



Hot Folders are a collection of procedures that can be triggered in any area and for any event in your system. Hot folders are designed individually for each case. This allows for both upstream and downstream processes and integration into complex workflows.

Below is a list of typical applications:

Copy asset(s) to FTP server, public cloud bucket or other online storage.

Add an overlay, logo or caption to your video.

Distribute assets to other platforms or third-party applications for further processing.

Transcode an asset to a different format. Change other parameters such as resolution or bitrate.

Separate audio and video data and extract different audio tracks.

Notify users and collaborators about new content via email, Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp and more.



In the media industry, many different video and audio formats have evolved. More efficient formats with better codecs are being released every day. xeatre.convert converts all media to any other format.

The transcoding of audiovisual media into any format that is required.

We transcode media into different bitrates and resolutions as required to ensure that it plays smoothly on the move.

Converting analogue media into future-proof digital formats so it can be accessed and played online anytime.

Xeatre transcodings support all major audio and video formats, making them compatible with all available applications.



You probably have systems and applications in your organisation that are firmly integrated and anchored in your current processes. With xeatre, you don't have to give up your familiar applications. Xeatre.connect supports a wide range of third-party applications.

Automatically transfer recordings and metadata by connecting to existing MAM systems or databases.

Media and information can be exchanged both ways via a dedicated API interface and webhooks.

Import content using your existing tools such as Dropbox, Google Buckets, AWS-S3, Nextcloud, Webdav and more.

You can use our API to link specific information and stream curls from xeatre to your existing processes - for example, to enrich your own applications with media.



xeatre.archive is a long-term archive for your assets. It is infinitely scalable in capacity, fully searchable and instantly accessible. With xeatre.archive you don't have to worry about storage space or backups, and you can always find the content you're looking for.

Cost-effectively store audio, video and metadata in multiple tiers ranging from ultra-fast access to long-term archiving. Archive assets can be edited and processed instantly.

Long-term archived content is treated in the same way as recorded or VoD assets. It can be accessed instantly for analysis, editing or any other form of processing.

Search by keywords, tags, colour markers and more. Assets from the archive can be added to playlists at any time and mixed with the most recent content. This allows you to organise, group and categorise content in a targeted way.

Analyse content that has been broadcasted retrospectively. You have instant access to media going back several months or years via the web interface. By entering the date, the channel and the time, you can jump to the point you want.



With xeatre.ondemand you have a highly available, scalable and geographically distributed video repository for the delivery of video content via xeatre.broadcast or your own systems. With a range of storage classes and global redundancy, it is cost effective, high performance and highly reliable.

Connect your archive to your streaming infrastructure and CDN service providers, or rely on xeatre.broadcast for premium on-demand delivery. 

Automatically balance your archive between performance, security and cost efficiency. Your content is tiered and shifted between storage classes based on parameters such as access frequency, access type or age.

Integrate your xeatre.ondemand archive into your existing environment. Use your content in established MAM systems and video editing suites. VPN and common protocols such as SMB or NFS support secure integration with local solutions.

Ensure your video content is available up to 99.99% of the time. Video is automatically distributed across all continents, countries and regions.



With xeatre.broadcast you can make all your content available to a large number of users. A high-end, adaptive CDN that scales worldwide and delivers audiovisual content to your customers in an instant.

With our globally scalable CDN, streams are delivered from the location closest to your recipients, using premium network infrastructure to ensure high quality and low latency.

You can stream presentations, lectures or other events to your staff or customers with password protection.

In addition to high-performance CDNs, we can connect you to partner CDNs for high volume, streaming or specialised needs such as ultra-low latency at scale.

Automatic detection of mobile devices. This allows data rates to be reduced and optimised for the viewer.

Do you have a requirement not covered today?


We can develop the right module exclusively for you if you have specific requirements.



Our expert service team is available for live chat support.

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