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Like in all sectors, digitization leads to an increasingly dynamic in the media industry. A dynamic that is reflected in a growing number of formats and protocols, new social media platforms, OTT services, TV and Radio stations. With this in mind, we provide Xeatre as a service that continuously develops and adapts to market trends.

Capture media from all over the world

Your organization processes and analyzes specific channels, IPTV, social media platforms or streams? With Xeatre, you can count on a worldwide network of receivers and data centres. This enables you to integrate global media into Xeatre and process it regardless of location. With the help of our ultra-low latency technology, your experts are able to work in near-real time.

Format independent

Any signals and formats can be ingested and processed with Xeatre. Signals are converted consistently and will be available to you in real time. It doesn't matter whether your organization works with streams, set-top boxes, Receivers, IPTV, cameras, media libraries, digital or analogue sources.

Worldwide data centers

Leverage our globally distributed data centres and receive thousands of channels across all markets. Our media team helps you source specific content and video assets.

Youtube, Twitter & Co

Working with social media content is a tremendous challenge with the increasing number of providers and services. Take advantage of our media system, which enables your teams to capture, record, and process content on all platforms.

Websites in view

Besides audio and visual media, content from websites or apps can be captured and made available for analysis in Xeatre. You can track every change and archive it for record keeping using timestamps.


Broadcast and media recorder

Using the xeatre media system, any format of audiovisual signals and metadata can be recorded and processed for further processing. As required, the input signals are converted into a consistent streaming format in real time. The Timeshift function also allows you to rewind for up to 30 hours. With optional modules, it is possible to capture content over a period of months or even years.v

Long-term archiving

Long-term archiving of recordings and broadcast recordings with time stamps and metadata to provide evidence in the media industry.

Continuous recording

With Looprecordings, Xeatre offers you a simple solution for archiving media content. You can access footage over several years thanks to 24x7 long-term recordings.

Standardized format

Xeatre wandelt Eingangssignale ohne Verzögerung in einheitliche Formate, sodass sie problemlos online, oder in Ihren eigenen Anwendungen weiterverarbeitet werden können.

Instant recording

Start recording automatically when a transmission begins, or an input signal is detected. Live content and recordings are available to you directly and on the fly.

Automatic scheduleing

With integrated EPG data or your broadcast information, you can automatically schedule specific events. It saves your team time and effort from manually scheduling


In Xeatre lassen sich Aufzeichnung rechtssicher erstellen. Metadaten und Zeitstempel werden in Ihren Aufnahmen eingebettet und manipulationssicher aufbewahrt.

Analysis using artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence opens up a multitude of possibilities in the field of video. Algorithms offload many tasks from the video operators and enable faster and more efficient production. Xeatre can automatically analyze content for specific criteria, recognize objects and persons, and provide you with upfront information.

Analysis Assistant

The AI Analysis Assistant supports your team in focusing on what's important. It categorizes and groups content for you to browse and access when needed.

Recognize content

Artificial Intelligence performs automatic image and sound recognition to identify individuals, objects, text, speech, logos, or offensive content.

Contextual information

With AI analysis, you can effortlessly uncover the coverage of companies, brands, and people. The system automatically screens all content, marks relevant events and reports on the new results.

Focus on what is important

Automatically reduce content to the relevant content. This will save time during the viewing process, because non-essential information such as commercials, replays and more will be filtered out in advance.


Video processing from anywhere

The xeatre video editor lets you and your team collaborate from anywhere using just a web browser. Our web applications feature everything you need for your professional video editing.

Online editing

Process media using your customized, web-based editing application. Create clips and compilations in no time and share or directly download them.

Live Clipping

Highlight scenes and moments from live broadcasts in real-time and distribute them without delay.


Xeatre is the right choice for collaboration and lets you effortlessly share and process media assets and information within a team or company.


Highlight important scenes and clips. Enrich them with information and metadata that lets you find content whenever you need it.


With event sets, you can easily tag repetitive actions or events and group them into extractable event lists.


With Xeatre, you can transcode your media into any format, add overlays and timecodes, and even draw in the video.

Organize media content

With thousands of media assets or video snippets, what is the use if it's hard to locate them or even know what content is in them? Xeatre offers a comprehensive search using keywords, metadata, tags and cue points. Moreover, content can be grouped, sorted and tagged in playlists. You will always find what you are looking for.


With Xeatre, you can categorize your content using tags, colour markers, or metadata such as title, subtitle, description, and comments, ensuring that your teams can find it again in the long-term archive.


You can quickly assemble your footage into playlists by tagging clips and cue points or categorizing them based on metadata.


You remain flexible when working with Xeatre. You can choose which data providers and third-party services you use for adding information to your content. 

Interfaces for further processing

Xeatre enables your team to easily export data from the media system to analyze, edit or otherwise process it in your existing media environment.


Export assets from Xeatre to other platforms or your company's media management and processing systems.

Application interfaces

Xeatre is a system that handles all your audiovisual signals. Use it as a media delivery system to route and process assets via APIs. 


All assets may be automatically exported from Xeatre and integrated into other platforms such as MAM systems, archives or databases.


Xeatre Content Delivery Network

Through our Content Delivery Network, we provide you with access to streaming servers worldwide. Stream directly from your Xeatre archive to your global audience. 

Xeatre takes care of the entire content playout on your behalf. With our API, you can stream out your delivery platform. 

Xeatre is the ideal solution to serve different users from different locations.

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